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Triangle Park lock

Triangle parking Lock,Parking Barriers Parking Parking Pile Folding Removable Obstacle Parking Lock Manual Parking Bollard Interceptor Elongated Heightening Bollard

  • ☆This Wheel Locator is Suitable for Garages, Large Parking Lots or Outdoor Parking Lots to Provide Adequate Protection for Your Vehicle and Personal Safety.

  • ☆The Elbow Can Be Formed Once Without Welding, Which Significantly Improves Bearing Pressure and Impact Resistance,Ideal for Parking and Driveways

  • ☆Mark Your Parking Space, Leaving It Locked to Prevent Someone Else Drive Your Car and Improve the Security of Property

  • ☆Curved Chassis Design, Tire Climb along an Arc Edge, a Smooth Tire Without Injury

  • ☆Thickness 3.6Mm Thick, Stronger Impact Resistance, Stronger and More Durable

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