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Parking barier,Parking Baffle

Parking barrier, parking baffle ,support payments by auto pay machine

The remote control electronic private parking lock series developed by our company has beautiful appearance and novel structure. Easy to control, powerful, safe and reliable. It can effectively prevent the parking lock from being misused or occupied. It is a good helper for the management of parking locks in high-end communities, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and airports.

Products details 

After parking the car in these types of parking lots, the flaps/baffle are raised to hold the car. When the flaps are raised, the timer will start. The parking fee will be paid on the Auto pay machine. When paying, enter your parking space number, then press the confirm button, and then press the payment button. The car can only be moved after ensuring that the flaps are down.

parking baffle.jpg


1. Use the perception of the bottom of the car to control the lock. During the ascent of the board, there is an anti-pressure device, and the board will automatically rise after the tire leaves.

2. When the board is pressed down, the down pressure is small, which can prevent extrusion accidents and has the function of overtime power-off.

3. Security is based on the ability to control the up and down of the board.



1. The movement is driven by a low-power motor and has a lightweight design

2. Low power, short motor running time and long life



Use RS485 communication to control the state of the automatic flap parking lock, including checking the fault detection


product material:


The body is made of steel with a thickness of 4mm or more and the surface is electrochemically treated. The cover of the parking lock is made of outdoor paint. Therefore, it is suitable for long-term outdoor use and has good durability.

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