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Half Ring Pak lock

Car Parking Space Lock Bollard Parking Locks Parking Piles Thickening Crash Block Cars Occupying Arched Door Lock Car Lock Garage

  • This Wheel Locator is Suitable for Garages, Large Parking Lots or Outdoor Parking Lots to Provide Adequateion for Your Vehicle and Personal.

  • the Elbow Can Be Formed Once Without Welding, Which Significantly Improves Beapressure and Impact Resistance,Ideal for Parking and Driveways

  • Arc Bottom Seat, Not to Hurt the Tire: the Periphery of the Base Corner Design with Arc, Punctures Suffered Greatly Reduce Vehicle Tire Pressure Force Guo Lock to the Tires

  • Upgrade Lock the Fence in Order to Improve Parking, Crash and Durability.Shielded All Copper Cylinder -, -Proof, Rust-Free, to Avoid Unlocking.

  • This Will Provide a Visual Deterrent and Another Layer Ofion to Your Vehicle, Even with a Delay Using a Professional Thief Related Tools

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